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Our KTP in collaboration with UiTM was established since 2001 to cater for the Bumiputera students to further their studies. For over 13 years, we have successfully produced high quality Bumiputera graduates who are competitive in their own respective field and move to be the captain of the industry today.

The first course conducted is Diploma In Business Studies in 2001. Followed by Diploma In Accountancy and Pre Diploma In Commerce in 2004. To add the choices of courses conducted and fulfil the demand from the industry, Diploma In Tourism Management was introduced in 2008. We are in progress in increase the number of courses conducted by the end of 2014 which include the degree courses.

Do not hesitate to join us because all the courses are running with the accreditation of Malaysian Qualification Accreditation (MQA). We welcome highly motivated Bumiputera students to join our successful run programmes and realize their potential career growth in the future.